Amazon has a new plan for these tough economic times

Amazon has launched a new shopping hub called Amazon Access, which is still about shopping but, in a twist, is designed to help those living on government assistance. Amazon Access (opens in new tab) starts by providing new features and support for alternate payment methods. This means customers can now buy food on the website … Read more

These fake US government job ads are spreading more malware

Cybercriminals are preying on job seekers in the United States and New Zealand to distribute Cobalt Strike beacons, but also other viruses and malware (opens in new tab), as well.  Researchers from Cisco Talos claim an unknown threat actor is sending out multiple phishing lures via email, assuming the identity (opens in new tab) of … Read more

Black Friday monitor deals 2021

It’s never too early to search for Black Friday monitor deals, as the sales can start as early as October. We’ve been tracking monitor price drops over the years and have found consistent patterns of sales leading up to and through November. Black Friday 2022 officially starts on November 25, though previous years have shown … Read more